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Want Tree Hacking And Some Pictures

Warning: BACK UP the wanttrees package file before doing any editing in SimPE. This will allow you to start over if you make a mistake while editing that file. Make sure you know a little about programming as well, because it is possible to hose your game if you mess up while editing.

*** Remember! Back Up Your Files Before Editing! ***

Well, I wanted to give some information, rather basic stuff, on want trees and locations. I do have some locations written down but others I will have to hunt for again since I forgot to save them in the wanttreemarkers text file.

Anyway, here they are:

Witch want trees: 0xB53C770F (-1254328561)
Meet Bigfoot trees: 0xF39701C7 (-208207417)
Become plantsim trees 1: 0x1264A363 (308585315)
Plantsim trees 2: 0x5264A138 (1382326584)
Wolf and Werewolf trees(there are probably three of them so I will have to hunt to get an update on those):
0xD12EDE99 (-785457511) and 9x31301E47 (825237063)

Please note that this is ONLY for those who know what they are doing. Make sure you BACK UP the wanttrees package file BEFORE doing this.

The hacking I did was simple switching True with False for wants related to sim or other sim being cured, and for those that I wanted to have the wants related to turning or to other sims turning, I switched False with True. With my setup, I have the Family sims wanting, not fearing, meeting Bigfoot, and wanting to have him move in - he's a terrific guardian and can be a wonderful babysitter for families where the mother may need to rest. I may also later edit it in SimPE again to have Fortune sims want to meet Bigfoot, because hey, in real life, if such a creature existed, people who were interested in money would want to meet this fellow, scary as he might be. I probably won't take away the fear of meeting him, mind you, because it would be nice to have some wishy-whashiness in certain aspirations. But hey, no pain, no gain?

My Family sims will want to become plantsims and witches, and fear being cured. They are neutral to other lifestates except for zombies, because vampires can watch the house at night and keep the place safe from burglars, and werewolves can also be great protectors, as they are able to fight intruders. Bigfoots will wake up if a burglar comes onto the lot, and scare the intruder away. These can be great upsides for both Family and Fortune sims. As for vampires, they have extremely easy pregnancies as their motives stay static during the night.

Plantsim mothers(and fathers, if they get probeded by aliens) have fairly easy pregnancies as well - all they need are a pool(or shower), a sunlamp, and a sim, pet or plant to love. They can even grow plantbabies, which can fulfill their aspirations for getting lots of grandchildren or marrying off lots of kids VERY quickly. See, plantsims have only three stages of life - toddler, adult and elder. Plantbabies will not get the 'never went to college' memory when growing up, and can be updated using the Batbox Lotdebugger from More Awesome Than You - a site which has many of the best mods a Sims 2 player can have. Use the 'Upgrade Sim - Pre-Uni' pie-menu options and select the major based either on the sim's interests or Lifetime Want, and you have all the Uni perks.

When upgrading a sim to graduate status, I like to often give that sim the necessary skills first, possibly by having them gain the skills on a semester-basis, but with no set class or finals times. But you can decide what to do, and with plantbabies, that may not be necessary as they get a lot of skills from their parents.

Romance and Pleasure sims will want to be most of the paranormals except for zombies(they're icky and have no benefits except immortality and infertility for Romance sims) and plantsims(because Romance and Pleasure sims tend to fear reproducing). My reasoning is, they would like to try some new things out, and honestly, witches, vampires and werewolves are quite romantic. They are, however, neutral towards plantsimism.

Fortune and Grilled Cheese sims are currently neutral toward all lifestates except zombies, though I may change that a little for Fortune, like I said, because Fortune sims may have plans for making some money off of 'freak shows'. In my planned edit, Fortune sims will fear their friends, lovers and acquaintances being cured, but will not have any other paranormal-related wants or fears, except for those relating to zombies.

Grilled Cheese sims, on the other hand, are neutral towards every life state except zombies, because hey, what's to worry about when there's grilled cheese to be eaten?

Popularity sims are the only ones with the default creature wants and fears - they're basically the 'Supernatural Skeptics' of my installation of Sims 2, while the Knowledge sims are the Supernatural Fans. I like this setup because there's more variety instead of the usual where only Knowledge sims want to become different creatures, while all other aspirations want to cure them and fear changing.

Again I re-iterate: Back Up Those Files Before Editing! Make sure you know what you're doing before hand as well, and have lots of fun with your hacked wants and fears!

Anyway, enough of that. Here's some pictures from one of my legacy hoods on the HP laptop(the one with the installation that only goes up to Pets). Enjoy!
One of the Founders' sons, the second-youngest, getting romantic with his chosen mate. They're both Fortune sims, and he fulfilled his Lifetime Want to earn LOADS of money before graduating. AWESOME! He also knocked up his sweetie, but thanks to the presence of a couple brainiacs who had all their skills maxxed(partially due to using the simvac on some annoying NPCs), the pregnancy was paused. They are engaged, currently, though his mate accidentally cheated with one of her customers, and hopefully he will never find out. ACR can be the pits sometimes, but I use it because I want Romance sims to not be so jealous when they see their significant others doing the same things THEY are doing.

Our Founder, a Popularity sim, has found the love of her life:  the Family dormie with the leisure suit and ugly-handsome face. Against all odds, they are a match made in Heaven! She's now an elder, and her hubby had one alien baby, and after they became elders, they adopted Chloe Gonzaga(I temporarily added her to the family and then put her into the adoption pool, so she could grow up and go to college and stuff).

Our Founders' only biological(and non-alien) daughter getting into a fight with one of the cowies. Miss Cowie doesn't seem to understand that you don't just pillow-fight random people. It tends to make them want to poke you... or use the simvac and play 'Vac the Vacca'. I also had loads of fun watching her talk to her little volleyball pal. Might have one of the grandkids get together with her and have little cowies - after all, even cow-mascots need love!

Our First Heir's chosen mate, the spiky-haired Romance dormie, realizing that she got a whole lot more than what she bargained for. She had twins on her first pregnancy, and is a very good mother. Her mate's aspiration is Popularity, like his mother's, and he's got his dad's Lifetime Want: Become Captain Hero. Spiky-haired Romance dormie on the other hand, wants to be a Professional Party Guest. She didn't mind getting married because his family is supremely-loaded. She even wanted to teach her twins to walk, talk and potty, which is quite adorable!

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  1. Is there perhaps any way of releasing a mod with these changes for those who are less technologically adept? I would really like to have a situation like this with my game but I have absolutely no idea how to use SimPE and it's confusing me.