Monday, December 3, 2012

Tank Grunt + Jules O'Macky

I was thinking of having the two get together, but I was having a hard time getting Tank Grunt to find an eligible girl. He did have a date, but since I have Inteen, it was with an elder professor. It was kind of funny, Tank being a cake-eater(his dad may be the same, since he did have a dream date with an elder Fortune sim. But in this world, love knows no age, it seems... kinda reminds me of CLAMP's usual fare.

Anyhoo, while I was blogging and running Gavin's Island Treats business, Tank and Jules happened to meet each other. Awesome. Now I will try to get her to chat Tank up once I get to playing her. I want them to date, and I want Tank to finally get his first kiss. I mean, Ripp's had his already, and poor Tank is feeling a little left-out. I may even have Tank open his own business sometime soon, so he can get some more Lifetime Aspiration points, though I may wait until he goes to College.

As for Ripp, I might have him tomcat around a little, or have him and Delenn Curious go steady. Usually I have my male sims take the surnames of their wives, but I might make an exception if General Buzz doesn't get married or have any baby girls.

But Tank and Jules just seem to be the perfect couple. He might be just what the doctor ordered for Jules' broken heart.

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