Saturday, December 8, 2012

Inteenimater And Junk-Townie Syndrome

If you use Inteenimater, then you should spawn the biological clock for every playable sim teen and older, especially in the pre-created base-game neighbourhoods. The reason is, many of the pre-created sims have some problems with their character data, which is difficult if not impossible to fix completely. This junk-data will generally not do anything unless a mod like Inteenimater is used.

Inteenimater not only allows teens and College students to have babies, but it also attempts to fix any junk-data that it finds. This has the side-effect of making the game recognize the affected sims as teenagers. The sims will still be adults, until they become pregnant. The game will start announcing that the affected pregnant sims will be growing up in a few days, even if they have quite a few days before they transition. After the affected sims give birth, they will start talking and behaving like teens.

Sims with this problem include Loki and Circe Beaker, Vidcund Curious, the Smiths, possibly everyone in the Singles household, the Grunts, Olive Specter and Ophelia Nigmos, and pretty much everyone in Veronaville. There may even be some townies with missing DNA data in those two neighbourhoods.

The problems Inteenimater causes for these sims include:

  • The obvious - they turn into teens with adult bodies after giving birth
  • Some, like Jenny and PT#9 Smith, might be recognized as children, which will make Johnny unable to go to College
  • If Johnny and Ophelia go to College, the school bus will still show up for them, even on their campus lots, and their highschool grades will drop, even if their College grades are fine
  • College graduates may be unable to get jobs because the game recognizes them as teenagers with F-grades, and teens with an F in school cannot get jobs, or will be fired from their current ones
  • Loki and Circe Beaker, and other affected adults might be unable to get new jobs because the game is confused, recognizing them as teens, even if they still behave like adults
To prevent this, spawn the biological clocks for all playable sims. Click on the sim you are playing and on the pie-menu, find the 'Inteenimater' option(clicking 'more...' if needed) and then select 'My Biological Clock'. An alarm clock should appear by the sim. Click on the clock and select 'Put Away'. For elder sims like PT#9, you will have to regress them to teens. Olive Specter will probably only be recognized as a teen, so she can still look after children if you have working sims with children living on her property(it happened with me - Nervous Subject became a plantsim while spraying a garden).

The biological clock will force the game to recognize these sims as their correct ages, and prevent a lot of unexpected weirdness, so use it.

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