Sunday, December 9, 2012

Leod McGreggor Got Hitched!

He married Cleo Shibiku, and both kept their last names. I have plans, you see... plans for getting Leod either plantsimmed or probeded... or both. He'd have a really cute baby from the probing, though I might just use the simblender to get him pregnant. Leod looks so cute when pregnant, though it is funny to watch non-knowledge sim men cry from being abducted.

Leod and Cleo had their honeymoon on Twikki Island, and I made sure to keep them from spending too much. Despite lack of spending, they had a great vacation. They even learned to hula, thanks to me building a lot with just a building with the necessities like windows and doors and stuff, and some trees and rugs for decoration. They had a baby, a girl named Suzie, and I'd really like to see Leod have an alien kid because he does have cute babies.

Before Suzie was born though, I expanded their house a little at the sides rather than the top, though I may add a third floor later on. I just don't want anyone missing the school bus or carpool due to the long commute downstairs.

They have a couple computers - a special laptop for studying skills and talent badges, and a ZX-Spectrum, both of which they can use to rack up skills and earn money. Leod also has a very high relationship with the Head Good Witch, so next time she appeared on one of the community lots(where Leod went to buy a couple cellphones), I had him talk with her, and then ask her to teach him the ways of the light.

Since I have hacked the want trees so only Popularity sims have an aversion to non-zombie supernaturals, he and Cleo should have no problem with his recent lifestyle change. Both are Fortune sims, and Fortune and Grilled Cheese sims are neutral to all supernaturals except for zombies.

I also had them buy some chickens with a special mod that I downloaded from AffinitySims, I believe. Those chickens seem to be controlled by invisible NPCs, so I won't be having them or any other invisible NPC-controlled objects on a lot where Grand Vampires reside.

But anyway, yes, I do plan on turning Cleo into a witch as well, and possibly a plantsim. I bet she would make pretty plantbabies.

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