Monday, December 3, 2012

The Pleasant Family - Recipe For Disaster Or Opportunity For Change?

The Pleasant Family was created mainly to teach about affairs, jealousy, breaking up, teen-runaways, enemies, service sims and chance-cards. They wanted to teach about the various downsides of chance cards, like demotions or termination. Mary-Sue's chance card in the default Pleasantview is rigged to give bad outcomes for either choice, though you can make it work like any other chance card with a cheat.

Here's the cheat:

  • Press [CTRL], [Shift] and [C] together, which brings up the cheat window.
  • Type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
  • Press [Shift] and click on Mary-Sue before she leaves for work
    • Some extra options will appear on her interaction pie menu
  • With the pie menu, select "Spawn..." and then choose the Chance Card Tester
  • A yellow box will appear next to her
  • Click on the box, then select the option for the chance card outcomes, and set it to 'clear'
  • Keep the box if you wish, or sell it in Build/Buy mode
  • Select whichever choice you wish, because now the negative outcome is not guaranteed, though a positive outcome isn't guaranteed either, so still be careful
There's another problem: Daniel is having an affair with the maid. He wants to woohoo with her, but he's afraid of getting caught. Some people let him be caught, others will find creative ways to elude the consequences of adultery. The choice is the player's.

Another problem is, Daniel and Mary-Sue's relationship is very distant. The players can choose to rekindle the flames, or let the couple divorce, though it can lead to Lilith running away.

Then there's the twins: they are enemies, and Angela seems to be loved more. She grew up well and was taught all her toddler skills, but Lilith grew up badly and was seemingly neglected. Her grades are pretty bad as well, and she had gotten a D grade.

What I did in my Naughty Nerds neighbourhood, was change Mary-Sue's aspiration to Romance after fulfilling a few of her wishes. Her aspiration was pretty high since she gained some points while I was playing a different sim on a community lot. She and Daniel have the same goals of having multiple lovers, so the arrangement is quite nice. I also have the ACR mod, as well as the Romance mod, which curbs jealousy in Romance sims and allows the player to customize jealousy levels from crush(EA default), love, steady-engaged, married, or no jealousy at all. Another mod I have is an override for non-ACR romantic interactions, so those won't cause jealousy either.

I had them do some flirting with other sims, and neither minded, though I was still careful with them philandering around their kids.

With the twins, I had them chat a little and apologize. Soon, their relationships were around 2/2, which wasn't bad considering they had been enemies. I also had Lilith talk to her parents to bring up her relationship with them. While they were customers on Gavin's Island Treats business lot, they chatted while eating at the food stand, and lost their enemy flags. That is a great start.

Another thing I did was have Lilith go to a community lot, buy some cellphones, and go on a date with Dirk Dreamer. They had a wonderful time and racked up some aspiration points. I may change her aspiration to Family, so she and Dirk will have more chemistry, or to Fortune. I mean, hey, the SensoOrb in their yard still has a few uses yet, so why waste it?

One of my goals is to get the two sisters to become friends, because my sister and I are great friends despite our disagreements, and we have helped each other on many occasions. We undermined several peoples' efforts to drive a wedge between us, even our parents' attempts at getting us to rat on each other for watching forbidden shows. Basically, having a sister is a lot of fun, and sisters should appreciate each other. So I don't like to just let those two fight when they could be friends.

Depending on the expansion packs you have, there are a lot of options. Use them to your heart's content, and see what kind of story evolves from the choices you make. I would recommend not hurting Angela, because honestly, revenge can be sweet for a short while, but burying the hatchet is a lot better and more fulfilling in the end. Find some creative ways to get everyone talking again, and bring the family together. Maybe use the SensoOrb and turn Daniel into a Grilled Cheese sim, and change the secondaries of everyone else into Grilled Cheese, or have the couple open the marriage and do some swinging. The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy the challenge, and maybe get Daniel probeded and make him cry, just because it's funny when that happens.

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