Sunday, December 2, 2012

Invasion Of The Naughty Nerds

Right now I'm working on a custom neighbourhood with Pleasantview, Strangetown and Riverblossom Hills as subhoods. In this setup, Kaylynn Langarak has a twin sister, and started out with a random name due to the mechanics of subhood townies and service sims. Her twin started out with the name Kaylynn Langarak, but I changed her first name to Mandy, as it was the original Kaylynn's initial first name.

Aside from that, every non-romance sim has Romance as a secondary aspiration - even Family sims like Rose Greenman and Nervous Subject. Romance sims have Knowledge as a secondary. Bigfoots are an exception as they can't do any romantic interactions, marry or have kids(even by getting probeded). So far it's very interesting, and it made playing the Grunt household LOADS of fun. General Buzz has had quite a few dates with different women, but has yet to get any woohoo. The Curious brothers have all gotten hitched and started families, and when Pascal gave birth, I randomized the number of kids he had; luckily, he just had twins, both sons.

Vidcund and Lazlo had alien babies as well, and Vidcund is currently pregnant with another alien spawn. All three brothers went on honeymoons to Takemizu Village and got some nice souvenirs that helped them with skilling. Pascal's family even went on an island vacation and conceived a baby there(at least two of the couples conceived during their honeymoons, as well as had some dream dates).

The Grunts went on a mountain vacation, got a few souvenirs and one big free souvenir - Bigfoot. He's a good babysitter, and great with doggies as well(but not with kitties).

My main sticking point was to get my CAS student, Elise Jordan, to woo Nervous Subject. I will admit it was a bit easy, since both had plenty of Romance aspiration benefits, including massive attraction. It did take a few romantic interactions though to show the chemistry because Nervous started out with the notion that girls have cooties. I also had to give her some business perks, including the 'head for numbers' perk, in order to contact him because I was having the darndest time even finding Nervous on a public lot.

By the way, he also became a plantsim before meeting her, and looked pretty in his leafy outfit, the 'just a little growth' skin overlay override by Almighty Hat, and his original hair(since I have the no leafy hair mod). Right now he has leafy hair only because of his warlock hat which I may remove later on using Pescado's lot debugger from More Awesome Than You.

With the Pleasant household, I thought of changing Daniel's aspiration, but instead I decided to change Mary-Sue's to Romance. Luck was smiling upon me and my sims, because with her new aspiration, Mary-Sue had the same Lifetime Want as Daniel: have 20 simultaneous lovers. Basically, my story is, everyone is having a midlife crisis and finding ways to deal with it and the inevitable influx of supernatural creatures. So they both started flirting around with different people, and I even had Nina Caliente go on a date with Daniel Pleasant, while Mary-Sue flirted with the likes of Christian Love and some other walkbys, and even 'friends' she brought home from work. Lilith asked Dirk Dreamer, her boyfriend, on a date, and it was a major success(plus it brought quite a haul of aspiration points that will be deposited in Boiling Oil's aspiration reward catalog for buying some neat toys or at least keeping aspirations up when my sims roll some hard-to-fulfill wants).

One of the Pleasant twins, Angela I think, has the lifetime want to own five top-level businesses. She will so go permaplat before going to college.

I have been playing the Oldies and Goodies rather heavily as well, and am trying to play them until they get a lamp. Once they get the lamp(and possibly a Bigfoot to watch the house), I'll have them wish for youth and become teens again, so they can go to College. I may remove any extra want slots before then, in case of the Oldies. I want them to have biological children and see what they look like. With the Oldies, I had them both change their aspirations to Fortune, and they both got the lifetime want to own five top-level businesses due to a mod that keeps elders from rolling career-related Lifetime Wants.

With the Specter household, I eventually had Nervous Subject take a lamp from one of the Curious households, and then had Olive wish for youth. Will have to upload a picture of Teen-Olive. She is very pretty, and has a rather bad reputation due to all the fights she had gotten into. At least at her stage, she doesn't have to worry about negative networking. And with the hacking I had done to the want trees, her son won't be obsessing about her being cured of any creature states(because she may well get herself bitten sooner or later). And I definitely want her to become a plantsim. If she has a plantbrat, I'll name him or her Kinmokusei, which is the name for a kind of olive tree with sweet blossoms. Kinmokusei is also a name of a star on Sailor Moon.

One of the sweetest things that happened while playing the Specter household(with Nervous living there) was, after Nervous became a plantsim, he soon rolled the want to grow a plantbaby. I obliged, and now Olive is a grandma. Nervous had spawned a little girl, named Thorny. Might have him grow another baby, and name that one Prickly. Yup, creative, I know, but it would be a perfect name. I may have him turn her into a witch, because magic is awesome. She might become an evil witch though, and make a few sims act like chickens.

The Newson family was hectic at first, but I made it work. I budgeted their money enough, and had Gavin do some financial insulting for some extra dough. There were some setbacks, mainly Gavin getting fired, but he bounced back and got a new job, and is now working on his second business.

By the way, here's a tip: Want a business that requires very little sales interactions and the like? Build one with a Bon Voyage or Apartment Life food stand. Customers often decide very quickly to eat there, and if you use the hungernator from SimWardrobe, it can make them want to eat at the stand more, because they will always be hungry. I may have Gavin do some retail as well - selling stoves, ovens, fridges, barbeques and other cooking-related stuff. Ginger will probably sell some electronics and other stuff while looking for a potential mate. But what I'm aiming for is to have enough points to buy some elixir of life so the eldest teens will have more time to skill for College.

I have some great mods that I used to aid in this scenario, like a special hacked computer that allows sims to study all skills and talent badges, shop and bank online, and earn money from writing articles. Of course, if you think your sim is too rich and it's taking fun out of the game, you can donate some of his or her money. But I prefer to to get my sims earning money, since it's easier to earn cash in Simworld than in real life. I wrote a tutorial on the sims wiki about the Newson family, and how to survive; I will write a better one here in another post. Anyway, this neighbourhood is a lot of fun. Try some of my tricks yourself, as well as the mods, but please make sure you take loads and loads of caution before hacking the want trees - can't stress that enough because hacking wants directly does run the risk of causing problems and possibly want tree corruption. And that would make any sim-fan a saaaaad panda.

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