Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brandi Broke Is No Longer 'Broke'!

When I played the Broke household, I gave Brandi all the Freetime milestones using the Lot Debugger's options to upgrade her pre-Uni and Pre-Freetime. She's Family/Romance, and I had her check out a few sims, including a Romance townie she seemed to like a lot. Then along came Komei Tellerman. He's sort of 'ugly-cute' but anyways, they hit it off pretty well, especially after I made Brandi a redhead(one of his turn-ons, since one of his turn-offs was her natural black hair). After a couple dates, they got engaged, then since she(or Dustin) found a treasure chest, I was able to book a honeymoon. When Komei came back and rang the bell, I had her greet him, and then I bought a wedding arch and had them get married. I upgraded Komei, and turned him into a Fortune/Romance sim to boost their attractiveness toward each other, and then they were off to their destination: Three Lakes.

Since I modded the want trees(not recommended for those new to the game), Brandi wanted to meet Bigfoot while Komei feared it. Linus Bigfoot was friendly enough, despite his meager three nice points, and after a couple days, Brandi invited him to move in. Komei was the one who found the map to Bigfoot's lot, so he had to come along with Brandi.

I had them do some sightseeing, buying some souvenirs and eating local cuisine, and of course doing the axe-throwing and log-rolling for mementos. During the final couple days of their vacation, I had them do some dating in order to keep their aspirations high. Brandi got pregnant, and I don't know how many kids she's expecting - thanks to her Family perks, she had twins from her previous pregnancy.

Another thing I did was give Brandi a new hairstyle, so she wouldn't look so much like a trailerite. She even got some new clothes. She changed her name as well, even though I generally don't change names of pre-made sims. Basically, it was a symbol of Brandi escaping her previous life. I plan on changing the names of all the children with the Broke surname.

Brandi and Komei are going to go back to Pleasantview soon, but with lots of memories and a few temporary perks. I love sending my sims on vacation - they end up bringing so many neat things(and friends) back home.

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