Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cassandra Goth - Dumb As A Stump

In one of Gavin Newson's businesses, Don Lothario, Cassandra Goth and Dina Caliente were all customers. Trouble brewing? Oh yes. Dina flirted with Don, and he accepted, then got a nice hand-print across his face. But I wanted them to have somewhat of an okay relationship, instead of tipping each others' trashcans for now. So I had both apologise through Dolphin's sim controller, which I found on modthesims.info. Then I had Don 'smooth talk' Cassandra. Bear in mind, I have ACR and the override to the Maxis defaults installed, so Dina was quite indifferent. It worked too well. Cassandra has a 100/100 relationship with Don now, while his relationship with her is in the 80's. Cassandra is dumb as a stump, that's for sure. Gonna do some extensive playing and elixir-drinking on Don's lot, and save up some money to get him a wedding arch, then have him invite Cassandra over when their relationship is low enough. I want Cassandra to leave Don at the altar, you see. She doesn't deserve to be left at the altar by that flirt.

Of course I'm also planning on getting Don probeded. You know me, right? I just love it when my men get abducted and come back with a little 'surprise'.

With the Newsons, I got Ginger to find a boyfriend. She's now going steady with Randy London, and so far had two dates with him. I haven't found the perfect girl for Gavin just yet, but he might like either Sophie Miguel or Jade Smith. Both have Fortune as their aspiration, and he finds both to be quite attractive. I may have Ginger set up her first business soon, so she can get some much-needed lifetime aspiration points.

I'm also planning on playing the Ottomas family. It will sure be interesting to play it, with my Family sims now being okay with certain life states. Plus, Peter being a plantsim would indirectly benefit Dora, since she is his mother and Peter growing a plantbaby would help fulfill Dora's six grandkids LTW.

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